Equine Retirement

Random Farm is located in beautiful Aiken, South Carolina. We offer a wonderful retirement program in which the horses live out in pastures all year round. Each field has a run-in-shed and most have a few trees. The horses enjoy fresh green grass all summer long. Rye grass is planted yearly for winter grazing in addition to free choice hay. Basic Retirement and All-inclusive Retirement Board available.

Pasture Management

We use multi species (cows, goats, and horses) rotational grazing to help keep the grass at its best nutritional value as well as keeping the weeds and parasites under control without the use of chemicals.
Our well designed run in sheds provide excellent protection from sun and rain with cool shade trees in most fields

Footing and Climate

The sandy soil is ideal to allow most horses to live without shoes while our farrier is very good at minimizing stress on arthritic joints while trimming their feet.

Our climate allows most horses to live in a natural way out in pastures with grazing all year round plus hay in the winter. Grain and supplements are designed around each horse's individual needs.
Farm manager lives on site, allowing for more than two wellness checks daily. Client and veterinarian references available upon request.

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